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Hi Folks,

Very much enjoying Dorico 2 thus far. I’ve run into an issue working with piano pedal lines (sustain specifically). I would like the (Ped.) glyph to show at the start of each new stave and have searched the forums and tutorials/documentation and tried all the methods (engrave mode, properties, write mode, properties, etc) as well as trying them all after restarting my computer.

I also tried re-entering a pedal line across multiple staves after making sure of all of the settings and this still did not result in a (Ped.) at the start of each stave. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious (hope not!)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi RamblerL.
Dorico inputs continuation signs automatically at the start of a new system. If you open Engraving options > Pedal Lines, it shows

That is why I do not understand your request. What is it that Dorico does not do but you want it to do? Maybe show us a picture or post a minimal project that exhibits that behavior?
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RamblerL, before adding the Ped line select the area where the pedal should apply (first note until the last note). Then apply the pedal; Dorico will take care of the rest.
In Write Mode you may also select the end of the pedal line and move it back and forth using Shift-Alt-Left Arrow key resp. Shift-Alt Right Arrow key

Hi my fellow Doricians !
I did not want to open a new thread about this… Is there a way to display the Ped. glyph alone, and not have the (Ped. glyph) at the beginning of systems ? I know it sounds strange, but I’m trying to reproduce an XIXth century engraving and there are no continuation signs… When I enable continuation text, it’s used only if my choice for pedal is text and not Ped. glyph. I find this is not consistent — I should be able to access the same amount of choices whatever sign I choose to start my Pedal, right?
[Edit] :
I see that this thread has dealt with it. I’m still not really satisfied with the answer… Would it be possible to add the possibility of a blank continuation, even with Ped. glyph ? Thank you !

I’m wondering whether it’s possible in the meantime to use two pedal lines somehow, one ending at the end of the first system and showing no terimnation and another at the start of the next showing no start symbol?

Yes, of course it is ! But well… it’s not the Dorico way :wink: For the time being, I’ll send the work with the (Ped.) markings, and see if that’s a problem for my client! And if it proves to be a problem, I’ll probably replace the Ped. markings with a replicate as Playing technique (I already use this workaround for many things, like specific fermatas or ten. markings)
I hope this case will be an available option when you find the time to implement it, but I understand it’s not a priority !

Hi All,

So I was hoping this was an issue that would be solved in the upgrade, but alas.

It seems to occur when I am using pedal gradations (1/4 – full) and get too close to the start of the staff which then gets rid of the (Ped.) continuation, OR when editing and changing the layout and measures shift across or on the page(s), my (Ped.) continuations often disappear. I’ve attached an example of work in progress where this has happened.

This is obviously mostly an issue of continued editing / pedal gradations rather than just slapping a Pedal line in at the end, in which case Dorico does just fine.

Would definitely love to hear from the devs if this is a bug, or a quirk carried over from v. 1 (which is where I started the project), as it is persisting in Dorico 2.

Thanks! L
Pedal Line (857 KB)

It is exactly as you say: if you have a retake or change of level sufficiently close to the start of the system, then Dorico will prioritise showing the change of pedal level over showing the pedal continuation symbol. A couple of things you might consider: either use the note spacing tools in Engrave mode to add a bit more space before the first rhythmic item at the start of the system until there is sufficient space for the continuation to appear, at which point it will pop back into existence, or perhaps consider using the “P.” appearance for the pedal line instead of the full “Ped.”, as that will require less space before it appears.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for clarifying and thanks for the workarounds! Glad I’m not crazy.


Yes, me too! This would be a really nice option to integrate into the software itself. I guess we’re getting spoiled with so many amazing native ways to do all sorts of things that we get picky :wink: