Pedal line playback excludes grace notes

I would like some grace notes to be played back with the pedal depressed on them starting with the first grace note. Instead, the pedal is not depressed until the “normal” note, which the grace notes belongs to, is playing. This seems to be impossible to acheive without manual tweaking with MIDI CC messages. I suspect this is a bug/incomplete feature to soon be fixed?

This is neither a bug nor an incomplete feature: the software is working as designed. But I understand you have a request to allow Dorico to optionally include grace notes in the pedaling, and I’ll make a note of it. In the meantime, if you have only one or two grace notes immediately before the rhythmic note, changing the playback option ‘Depress pedal at start and at retake’ to ‘Before note onset’ will include a single grace note in the pedal.

Thanks for the tip and for making a note of it! In fact there are six grace notes in this case so for now it looks like I will have to do it the MIDI way if I want to export audio. And it does actually appear to be an option in the properties panel to override the inclusion (or lack of inclusion) of the grace notes within a pedal line. Although it would seem logical to also make this affect the playback accordingly.

It would be more than “nice” to have an option to offset the complete generated MIDI pedal data from the notated position, aside from grace notes. If the VST piano has a realistic amount of bass resonance, you don’t always want to catch some of the resonance from the previous note by hitting the pedal “on the beat.” Pedal notation has never tried to be precise enough to notate that level of detail, at least for most of the history of music engraving. Human pianists just do it “by ear” depending on the piano and the room acoustics. The “one size fits all” controls in the current pedal playback are a bit too limiting IMO.

In the Play piano roll it appears one can stretch grace notes to match the duration of the rest of the notes above them.

(But being able to include introductory grace notes within pedal marking as needed would be a big convenience down the road.)

This, plus the ability to set the offset in Engrave mode, certainly makes a full featured workaround for now.

I, too, would like to request that grace notes be optionally included in the pedaling.