Pedal line vertical alignment?

Is there a way to vertically align pedal lines? I found this topic briefly discussed some time ago on this forum, at which time vertical pedal line alignment could only be achieved manually. Is this still the case? I found a ’ set minimum vertical distance’ preference for pedaling in Engraving Options, but this does not align pedal events.

Ideally, it would be fantastic if I could select several pedal lines, align them vertically with a key command, then drag the lot of them up or down until they looked the cleanest. If this feature doesn’t exist yet, I’d love to see it in a future update. If something similar to this functionality already exists, please let me know. Thanks!

Currently there’s no easy way to do this.

Thanks. Just making sure I didn’t miss something under the radar. Consider this my vote for an alignment tool of some sort.

It’s already been stated on different threads by Daniel himself that something was in the works about alignment, rulers, etc… I bet this will be history in one or two updates :wink:

Hello, any news on this issue? I’d be very interested in a simpler way to align pedal lines, just want to check if I missed it or it’s not here yet. Thanks!

No change on this front.