Pedal lines: Breaking and adjusting rhythmic length

A few questions:

Is there a way to split a pedal line to allow some un-pedaled notes but preserve retakes which exist after that point?

(I’ve discovered that alt+< or alt+> can shift the entire line rhythmically, and shift+alt+< or > can lengthen and shorten the line, but shortening the line deletes any retakes that where there.)

Is it possible to move the start of the pedal line rhythmically without shifting all the retakes on the line?

In Write mode, there are circular handles on each end of the pedal line, and they do change color when clicked, but what can they be used for?

Have you tried right selecting something at the rhythmic position at which you want to split the pedal line (such as a note), then right-clicking and going Pedal Lines > Split pedal line?

You should be able to drag the circular handles in either direction - they’ll snap to either noteheads or rests - without the retakes moving.

Thank you so much.

I did check the context menu but I guess I missed that Playing techniques and Pedal lines were separate items.

Your method worked perfectly in the middle of a bar, but when the split occurs on the first beat, the previous pedal line is determined to end on the bar line.

I tried splitting later in the bar, but when I drag the end of pedal to where I want it it still ends up on the bar line.

Am I missing something?


Dorico deems the barline to be the correct place for the pedal line to end - it’s where the Gsus2 chord ends. Shift-Alt-Left will semantically shorten the pedal line by the rhythmic grid, though.

If you want the pedal line to end under the Gsus2 on the top stave, select that chord (on the top staff) and then split the pedal line there.

I want the pedal line to end on the D chord on the first beat of the next bar, ie sustained until the moment that chord is played.
I’m trying to write true pedaling technique for a student.

I should have added, the next pedal down will be on the Gm6.

Sorry the image I uploaded was a little misleading.

Assuming you have Dorico Pro, you may find it easiest to get the end of the pedal line as semantically close as possible in Write mode, then adjust manually in Engrave mode.

I’m not sure there’s a way of getting what you want in the lower tiers of Dorico.

Many thanks.

I am using Dorico Pro.
The result I’d like to get is like this, except with the middle pedal line extending under the D chord on the first beat.


In Write mode, grab the pedal line at the end of the first bar and either drag the circular handle at the right end or use Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-Alt/Opt-Right to extend to the next note.

Then switch to Engrave mode - it should look something like this:

It’s that bottom square handle that you’ll need to drag left (or use Alt-Left for small increments or Shift-Alt-Left for larger increments).

Many thanks for the detailed description and all the support.
I have the result I need.

Ultimately , though this is a workaround so (to the Dorico team) I feel there’s a fix needed here.