Pedal Lines Playback


I’ve been composing for piano, and I noticed that the pedal lifts off a beat too early instead of lifting off where I set it to. This makes for choppy playback. I would like the pedal to lift swiftly before it reapplies. Is there anyway to fix it? I’m using Pianoteq 7 and Dorico Elements.


FWIW pedal retakes work perfectly for me with NotePerformer, and Addictive Keys Piano, in Dorico Pro 4.0.31. Just as a point of reference.

Post a minimal project we can take a look at.

Just wondering… Would quantize cause this kind of problem?

Here is a small example of what I mean. I feel like the pedal lifts too early, disrupting the flow the piece intends to have.
PedalTest - Copy.dorico (794.3 KB)

As @Andro suggested, have you tried pedal retakes instead of individual distinct pedals? (Sounds better to me on Pianoteq)
PedalTest - Copy2.dorico (757.3 KB)

Oh, my bad. I misunderstood his comment. :slight_smile:
It sounds much better! Thank you very much guys!