Pedal Lines

I noticed what appears to be a small error in the text of Engraving Options>Pedal Lines>Design>Continuation.

This section seems to handle the case where a pedal line continues on without ending into following systems and whether parenthesized symbols are desired at the start of the following systems. The statement:

“Pedal lines always show some text or a symbol at the start of subsequent systems…” is not quite correct when the pedal line uses the “Hook only” style (see Engraving Options>Pedal Lines>Design>Sustain Pedal>Sustain pedal appearance for start of line.)

Dorico handles this case correctly and no hook or parenthesized hook appears at the beginning of subsequent systems when the “Hook only” style is used.

Thanks for the feedback, John. I’ve made a note to add this qualification in a future version.