pedal marking conundrum

I have a pedal marking with many retakes that lasts about 30 bars, and just decided I need to extend it backwards 1 beat. If I extend the length, it will add it to the end of the pedal marking. Is there a way to add length to the beginning of the marking, so I don’t have to recreate the entire thing?

Thanks in advance


backwards should be ALT+left arrow
(as this shifts the whole thing back you have to) afterwards
SHIFT+ALT+right arrow
to extend the end back to where you want it

does this work?

I would create a new pedal line for the first beat only, and merge it with the other with Edit → Pedal Lines → Merge Pedal Lines.

merge pedal lines is exactly what I was looking for. There must be a better way to search, in-app search and google search doesn’t ever bring up menu options that should be pretty easy to find if you know where to look!