Pedal playback bug - Not releasing after 2nd repeat

It seems that having pedal marks in the first and second repeats is causing issues with play back. In certain situations after the second repeat the sustain pedal will be held down continuously, even into the next flow. I’ve made a dummy file to illustrate the problem. (439 KB)

Thanks for taking the time to post your example. This is a bit of a tricky situation, because Dorico doesn’t currently resolve the lengths of the pedal lines with regard to the repeat structure, and as a result the pedal line will play into the second ending in each case. For the time being you may find that adding CC64 data to the automation lane in Play mode is the easiest way to resolve this.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Hi, since this is a related comment, I thought I’d just add it to the same thread.

It sounds like you and the others at Dorico already know about the problems with piano pedals and repeat signs, but here’s a simple one just in case: the piano pedal doesn’t hold through a simple repeated bar either. (For example, a piano pedal mark is given, and the following bar is repeated 1x, or 2x, or Nx… however, after only a bar or two, the piano pedal ‘lifts’ audibly, leaving x repetitions of the measure completely secco.)

It’s not an enormous problem but it’d be nice if this was fixed in a future update. Thank you!