Pedal to audio interface

Hi there
can i connect my electric drums high hat pedal as a MIDI controller on my UR22MK2? (I want it to act as a wah wah pedal on my cubase 10)
the pedal is a “HITMAN” HD3HHC1 only with a PL connection.

It seems unlikely. Have you tried?
I don’t think the UR22 has an input for a controller pedal, does it?
I attach a controller pedal via a MIDI keyboard and that works fine as a a Wah Wah control.

can u explain?

Doubtful! To start with you’ de need a converter to midi din plug. And it needs to be a continuous controller. Not a switch.

This cannot work, the HITMAN Pedal does not transmit any midi.

Not sure what you want explaining but from the other replies above it seems pretty clear that, as I suspected, the pedal you have will not do the job. Thus you either need a MIDI controller pedal (if such exists, I don’t know) or mybe a USB one.
Or, as I do, a separate controller pedal that you can then plug into a MIDI keyboard (or other controller). I use the Nektar NX-P pedal but many others exist…but you will need a MIDI keyboard to plug it into.

I use a Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal plugged into a Logidy UMI3. Works great for controlling, for example, IK AmpliTube wahs. The UMI3 is also handy (footy?) for a Generic Remote. I like to use it for hands free recording.

(Thanks again, “-steve-”, for the Logidy recommendation :sunglasses: )