Pedals and multiple-voice-rests

The 10-song cycle on which I’m working is at -

Dorico combines at the end of this measure in the piano the ending eighth-rest in both voices in each staff into one rest for each staff. I’m trying to be as close to the publisher’s conventions as possible, as this is a scholarly project. For each stave, I need eighth-rests for both voice (see attachments).

Additionally, I’m trying to find a simple ‘Ped.’ and the asterisk in the Pedal markings section, but have been unable to find those. This is easy to work around, as I’ll just put in text ‘expressions’ or whatever Dorico calls them for both and have done with it, though I do miss the funky pedal asterisk.

Thoughts on how to make the rests show up per the publisher’s convention and the pedal markings are most-appreciated!

This forum is really helping through some stuff, and when one looks at the full score of the Caillebotte, one will appreciate (that means you, Daniel - lol) the engraving heights to which I believe Dorico will help so many people, including me, ascend.
Pedals and rests Dorico 22 July 2017.png
Pedals and rests - original 22 July 2017.png

Go to Notation options (cmd+shift+n / ctrl+shift+n) -> Rests -> ‘Coinding rests of the same duration in opposing voices’ and select ‘Show every rest in each voice’. Notation options only applies to the flows selected in the left hand panel.

If you need to remove an individual rest later on, select it -> Edit -> Remove rests

Pedal markings:
The reason you can only find one type of sustain pedal markings in the technique panel, is that there is, in terms of semantics, only one type of sustain pedal markings in Dorico. However - you have several options for the appearance of the pedal marking. I think this is a key element to understanding Dorico. To change it globally for the whole project, go to Engraving options (cmd+shift+e / ctrl+shift+e) -> Pedal lines -> Sustain Pedal -> ‘Sustain pedal appearance for the start of line’.
Right below, you’ll find the settings for the funky asterisk.
You may save your preferences for all new projects using the “Save as default” button if you wish to.

The appearance of different object such as these, can often be changed individually from the properties panel.

This is what Dorico outputs by itself once the settings are set:
Skjermbilde 2017-07-22 kl. 23.30.42.png

Engrave Menu > Engraving Rules > Pedal Lines, and scroll down to the Design section.

Don’t use “text expressions” for Pedal lines - use the playing techniques (keyboards) panel on the right hand side, or the P popover.

See the Version 1.1 Release Notes PDF for a users guide to all this.