Pencil tool and length

Hi everyone. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make the pencil tool to write the last length that you have wrote without changing the grid like Logic pro?

Thanks :sunglasses:

The only thing I can think of is the quantize setting in the bar? Or maybe I’m not sure what you exactly mean? I haven’t used Logic Pro for about 20 years or so? It is possible to copy ‘events’ while holding Crtl and dragging it to the new location in the editor? You can then convert it to what whatever you like? But to my current knowledge the pencil tool can only paste notes according to what is set in the Quantize bar?

Thanks for replaying Nicleldome. This is what I mean.

I guess there’s no such feature in Cubase. I’d recommend setting key shortcuts for the grid, if you haven’t set them yet (they aren’t set by default). For me, this speeds up the process a lot.

Thanks Sasha-Che for the recommendations. Steinberg should work in this feature.