Pencil tool for audio editing: Please add gain up function to existing gain down


I’m not sure how many people use the pencil tool to edit audio volumes in the project window, but I find it very handy, it avoids chopping the audio up into segments, just grab the line at the top with the pencil tool, and pull down where you want to make the audio quiter.

I find it a bit difficult/ clunky to grab those little blue dots, but I love the functionality.

But as it works now, one can only decrement volume with that tool.

*Feature Request: Please add to the functionality of the pencil tool in the project window so we can also drag *up to increment audio volume.

Thank you!


If you don’t want to draw an automation, if you want just to increase/decrease the Volune of the Given Audio Event, it’s much easier to use the Volume controller of the Audio Event. You can control it either in the Info Line, or you can grap the square at the top-center of the Audio Event. With this one, you can add up to 24dB.

Yes that is great, thanks Martin, but I actually am looking to do automation while increasing volume.

As of now: I’ve done a multi-step process, increasing the whole audio some using the square at the top- center of the audio event, then decrementing the parts I want quieter with the pencil tool.

But then the overall balance of the audio event in the project is changed (because the parts that had just the right volume to begin with are now louder because of the first step), and so that has to be addressed, possibly by pulling the square at the top- center of the audio event back down … “some”.

So feature request still stands, but that you again, @Martin.Jirsak !


Maybe you can show your passion for this request in this already existing topic? Already 21 votes at the moment.