Pencil Tool For Clip Gain?

For the first time I’ve started using the pencil tool to apply gain changes (pre mixer) to a wav file. What I’ve noticed is that no matter where I click to add a “point”, the wav automatically reduces in volume. I’ve seen a recent YouTube tutorial and that doesn’t appear to be happening.

Can anyone shed some light?


did you drag up or down the point after its creation ? i was testing right now and if you click above the wave it increases volume, and you can drag it up or down for adjustments, creating it below the wave it decreases volume, it should work,

the other option is an automatization track for volume, that works on the same principal,

It’s weird for sure. The only area it doesn’t decrease volume is if I click at the very top edge of event, and then there’s no change, unless of course I move the node around. I do use track automation as well,… but adjusting the clip gain is “before” the mixer(plug ins, ect) … which is what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m on 9.5 and haven’t decided if the latest update is safe,… and I may just bite the bullet and pay for upgrade to 10. Still, no doubt it should be working.

it could be how the track was recorded in the first place, maybe the input was too low,
a healthy wave-form shoudln’t be neither too thin nor too wide,

Agreed. In this case I’m positive the wav is within proper parameters. I’ve tried on multiple tracks/wav files, just as an experiment and it’s the same thing, i.e., I click just a bit above the wav to create a node(point), and the wav immediately gets a bit smaller. What the heck!? Not the end of the world, but just wish I knew why.