Penteo Pro 6.04 routing problem in Nunendo 13

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I sent this to Penteo Help but I’m curious if anyone here has the same problem.

I’m using Penteo Pro 6.04 in Nunendo 13 on a Windows 11 PC. I am having routing problems in a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos mix. The outputs of Penteo do not go to the proper outputs in my 7.1.4 mix. I’ve tried every output preset and none of them work properly. Here is a link to 4 screen grabs I took. The Mixer jpeg shows the assignments I have to make so the outputs are aligned properly using the Mixer Delay plugin directly after the Penteo plugin. I’m using the Nunendo Output preset in the Penteo settings page.

Here is a link to the Nunedno session if you would like to check it out.

Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.


So apparently this is a Steinberg problem and Penteo has reported it to them. In the meantime you can continue using V5 in N13 or you can use V6 and put a Mixer Delay Preset right after it to correct the outputs.


Thanks for the info.

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An update on Nuendo 13.04, the routing issue did NOT get corrected. You still need to insert the mixer delay plugin after Penteo vsn 6 for it to work properly. I still think this is a Penteo problem myself.


Penteo got back to me and told me that the vsn 6.05 was updated May 23rd but the name did not change. Unfortunately some things were fixed but it still is incorrect as per the pic.

So I got a response from Penteo and here is their email.

Hi John –

We have traced the issues to a JUCE bug (underlying code structure used by Penteo and all audio plugins). The 7.x format errors are being fixed by JUCE I believe next week, they also have outstanding issues with 9.x formats outstanding from 2023 that they are finally addressing,

No timeline but it hopefully will be quick as well since it is related and JUCE have finally assigned a project leader to investigate and fix.

Once we received the 7.x and 9.x patch, we will be rolling out Penteo v6.0.7 immediately to as this is wholly depending on their patch, just a couple hours of effort on our side.

The relevant thread is here: BUG: Nuendo 13 and Juce for 9.1.6 and 9.1.4 - JUCE

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It sucks when you as a company have to rely on someone else to get your own product working properly again. If you are a professional vendor and have integrated JUCE into your plugin, you are really screwed. The users of such plugins (us!) are f… anyway.

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Apologies, I cut and pasted an email from Penteo support and inadvertently posted a link to a beta version of a plugin fix. Updates to follow.