People need to see...

…this in action…!! Please consider commissioning someone like Danny J Lewis to run a video tutorial/session to demonstrate this and/or for VST Connect Pro, where he connects to someone in another location entirely…

I mean, a REAL session/tutorial collaboration thing. Folk need to see how cool this could all work for them… :slight_smile:

Note, at NAMM - Avid just announce Avid Cloud Collaboration early access program for ProTools… The competition is here and fast.

PS:- Greg Ondo would be another great candidate; but really, I’m thinking EDM/crossover market, where ‘live’ performers are adding to a Danny J Lewis composition for example (via VST Connect and/or VST Transit). Yes. Could be a very good marketing exercise…! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

like this?

+1, nicely done!

Ha…! Ok, nice - thank you…! (that’s a bit embarrassing :blush: - how did I not get to see that before…? Oh well, my problem… :slight_smile: )

Also though, lets hope the SB marketing budget for VST Connect/Transit hasn’t been blown entirely on this one video… Do not stop there…! Please consider using someone else (like Danny J Lewis) for doing a further video, to give another insight/practise, with a different style of music/approach… etc…

Maybe something to tie in with the imminent launch of your ‘Premier’ account…?

Just some thoughts, trying to encourage more use… :wink: