Per channel parallel ability

Hi there,
Sometimes it could be cumbersome to create individual FX tracks, when we want to, say, just isolate the low frequencies of a signal…
This is why i end up here to suggest an idea, a simple way to parallelize things :slight_smile: here is a way to achieve this, invented by myself ( with a little image, its’ nicer :wink:) :

As you can see, the signal is splited into two “parallel” channels on the same track, the input routing is on the left, and the output routing on the right, the red line mark the end of the first parallel channel and the beginning of the second channel…
We can eventually imagine, to add more splits… with few mouse clicks :slight_smile:

Great idea… +1

I believe this is not yet possible unless you split one track to multiple buses to process them individually.
I like how parallel EQ works for example , to achieve this with internal band pass filters would be great.