Per clip FX automation

Hi there,
Actually in Cubase, we can apply an FX ( VST ) on an audio clip, but not in realtime, and there is no automation possible when doing this, we can only preview the clip with the FX and render it.
I admit that this is not my idea, i discovered it inside Reaper, and find it very very usefull, here how it look :

Where you can see the clip and the purple line inside it representing the high pass filter automation inside the EQ…

I would really love this as well.
Samplitude has the most evolved version of this… before Reaper implemented it.

I would also like Ghost Copies to have unique names.
It’s hard to tell whats what after you have cloned a midi part. It shows the three slashes at the right of the midi file, but you cant distinguish what the different cloned parts are (unless I’m missing something, a setting etc)