Per clip fx rack + per clip freeze

What about beeing able to put audio fx directly on audio clips, then freeze (render, commit, you name it) to save cpu, ala samplitude ? I know it’s already here as a offline process, but actually you can’t chain efx and you can’t listen in situ, so you have to comit, and if it’s too much, re do the whole process. Not a show stopper, but a show slower, for sure. With a kind of clip fx rack, you could add as much fx as needed, then adjust on the fly, in context with the whole song, then freeze the clip to save cpu, and unfreeze later if adjustment is needed.

its a long time reqeust, Studio one has that too

and Reaper…


Shameless bump for a powerfull feature :wink: !


per-object-fx, something samplitude’s had for ages.

drag & drop style of fx onto events.

please do not reference the offline process history, that’s the stone age way of managing off-line processes.

It feels like they are going this direction, fingers crossed.

I get that lately each DAW is in a race for features that the other DAW just released, so…

Big +1

It’s time to bump this topic.







As a potential customer coming from Sonar which has clip effects, I would really miss this in Cubase.


Not to quote Winter Rat, but it’s time to bump ! And now pro tools have it ! (pro tools hd, ok)