Per-flow bar number settings

I know bar number settings are in the Layout Options, which means they are attached to a whole document. However, as a theory professor, I frequently need to include score excerpt passages with bar numbers in on the same page as non-score passages (abstractions, blank regions to complete, etc.) which need to not show barlines because they would be wrong, confusing, or in the way of other things.

  1. Is there a way to achieve this now in D3.5?
  2. If not, would this be possible to have as a future feature?

Perhaps I am not visualizing this correctly, but it sounds as if you are not wanting to show bar numbers as to hide bar lines. Where are you showing the measure numbers? For each measure or only at the start of the system?

If the latter, why not make each system one measure and show a custom measure number at the start of each system?

No. I mean what I said. I might want to make a worksheet that has two parts:

Part 1 shows an excerpt from a score that students are answering questions about. For that, I want to number every measure (not just the start of each system).

Part 2 asks students to resolve a given chord, realize a chord progression from chord symbols, or supply a missing alto voice. For that, it would be confusing and cluttered to show each bar number.

For this sort of layout, I would create extra frames and have some of them filled with blank staves. But what I’m trying to do are staves that have some information and ask the student to supply some other information.

A sample image would be helpful to understanding what you are trying to do.

I don’t know how much clearer I can be. I want to have different bar number settings for different flows. I do not want bar number display settings to be defined on a Layout basis.

Here are four pages from a document that I prepared in the purple app:

It has bar numbers where they are meaningful and no numbers where they are not.

For the flow(s) where you do not want to see bar numbers:
In write mode select all and filter Time signatures, change to Engrave mode and in the properties panel activate the hide bar number property.


There’s no way within a flow to prevent bar numbers from being shown for a range of bars. We could perhaps include this functionality in bar number changes somehow in future. We’ll think about it.

As @rafaelv pointed out, they are pretty easy to hide. It can’t be automated on a flow by flow basis, but when I create worksheets and handouts, I find the display of bar numbers in Dorico fairly easy to work with. Hiding, resetting the count, adding other bar counts that might match an existing score, etc are all just a click away:

In Write mode one can select an entire flow, filter for Time Signatures, and then use properties to hide all bar numbers at once.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. The filter in Write and hide in Engrave is a great workaround for now (select in Write and act in Engrave is a common path for me).

In the long-run, I think Daniel’s feature proposal to insert a bar number change of “no bar numbers after this” is probably ideal (and oddly familiar … :purple_square::flushed:).

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