Percussion antics

So, I have this piece of score (from Howard Shore, The Fellowship of the Ring) and it has a percussion staff like this:
So, I added a player for it by choosing ‘Percussion’, made that player into a kit, and set the layout to display 5 lines, in stead of 1. Also changed to a bass clef.
like so:
But, now I can only enter one note, on the middle line. Apparently I need to fill out that percussion kit, but I have no clue what to assign to it.
Anybody have some idea ?
(maybe I’m not entirely sane to try to recreate this score :rofl:)

I think the Monochord is actually a pitched instrument (and maybe technically not even a percussion instrument, since it’s typically plucked), so in this case you don’t want a percussion kit at all, but rather to add a pitched instrument to your percussion player.

I don’t know where you might find an appropriate Monochord sample!

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