Percussion beat practices - maps and kits

I’m working with the Native Instruments Abbey Road Drummer series kits, which come with a plethora of articulations like centre LH, centre RH for snares, closed tight, closed, open 1/4 etc for hats and so on.

I’ve created specific playback technique for each one of these and then when creating a kit specified them all as seperate noteheads (though sometimes with duplication of the same noyehead style) tonallow me to control which sound is performed.

The percussion map and kit are linked below:

Firstly, is this approach the right approach? Curious how other people have done this.

Secondly this doesn’t appear to work for hi-hats: in the drum pads show on the percussion editor I just get closed and Open 2. Any ideas of how to be able to use the rich articulations here?

Yes, this is the right approach.

For hi-hats, I’m afraid there’s some special logic that makes open, closed and pedal appear for hi-hat at the expense of showing other techniques you have defined. This is something we plan to relax in future, so that all of the playing techniques you define appear in the pads.


Ok thanks, curiously the hi hat pedal works fine; just the hi hat itself. I can work with this for now in any case; and I usually dump the midi out before making a final mixdown so I can tweak the midi information there.

Thank you!