Percussion clef and sounds

i thought I had entered percussion, drum kit. All the notes appear as “normal” notes and not percussion notes. Also even with the percussion clef they playback with a piano sound.
Is it simple to change this or do I need to delete and start again?

I am using note performer.

I would need to see more of the screen, and maybe part of the file. But from the looks of it, you do not have a percussion kit at all. It seems like you have another instrument selected with some kind of name change and percussion clef change.

How did you create this? Was it from scratch, or was it an import?


Are you using a MIDI keyboard to enter the correct MIDI pitches for sounds but have the percussion staff set to accept written drum notation using the treble clef equivalent?

This should not have any negative impact on the appearance of the notes, nor the sound… It looks like no drum kit is really set on this file.

Hi.Many thanks to everyone.
What I did was create a new player in setup and call it a drum kit. Then I copied the previous part I had, and pasted it into this new player and it worked. I now I have the notes written like drum notes and it is playing the drum sounds.
So I think that when using set up, I have to be sure that I am creating the correct player and the correct instrument sounds, then it should work OK.