Percussion Condensing in Dorico Pro 3.5

I found the official Dorico video showing how condensing works, and at 6:30, the user condenses the percussion lines automatically with a five-line stave. The “percussion” menu under “players” is no longer in Dorico, so what can I do to do something similar in Pro 3.5?

What version are you using? In Layout options >Players, if there are percussion players (as Lillie states below, at least a percussion kit), I find I can change the appearance of that music.

Welcome to the forum @Luca_Robadey – in Layout Options > Players > Percussion, the option to change the kit presentation type is available when the layout selected in the list on the right of the dialog contains at least one percussion kit.

This is “condensing” of a type, but it’s a bit different to the condensing feature that consolidates the music of 2+ players (like 2 flutes or 4 horns) onto fewer staves than they would normally need. The kit presentation type option requires there to be a percussion kit rather than individual percussion instruments.

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