Percussion Dynamics not affecting Velocity and issues with silence template

I am experiencing some strange behavior with percussion instruments and their velocities which are driven from the dynamics, with or without a Percussion Map. If I start a new project and load only a tambourine everything is working as expected - The velocity lane is being driven by the dynamics. In the project from the attached diagnostic report, the velocities are not changing according to the different dynamics. I wonder if you can see why that is?..This is even without using a percussion map, which doesn’t seem to matter, but even using a map, it still doesn’t work - It starts off working when I initially start building my template, but then after adding several more instruments, it seems to break this dynamic/velocity relationship in the percussion
Dorico (2.0 MB)
. The other strange thing in this project is that even though I have the ‘Silence’ template selected, if I add a tambourine, it boots up Halion!
I am using Dorico 4.3

I’ve attached a diagnostic report.

here’s a cut down project file - Try creating a new percussion instrument, punch in 4 crotchets, put different dynamics on different notes and you will see that the dynamics are not driving the velocities.
Template 11-16-22 - 4.dorico (703.2 KB)
Mac OS 12.6

To add dynamics to a kit, you need to display it as individual instruments and add the dynamics to the individual instruments there. The dynamics written to display on the kit do not affect the individual instruments, and the dynamics applied to the individual instruments to not show in the kit representation.

It sounds odd and perhaps unwieldy, but it gives incredible flexibility.

This is not even a kit - Just a simple Tambourine on a 1 line staff. In a new project I can create a single tambourine and the dynamics will affect the velocity directly. In my attached template that relationship is somehow broken. It’s become very frustrating because it works to begin with, then after adding more regular instruments into my project, it suddenly stops working.

It took a bit of tracking down, but the problem is that in your Default expression map, you’ve changed Volume dynamic from Note velocity to Control change and set it to use MIDI CC 11.

Daniel, I do very much appreciate you looking into this, and many apologies for this rather elementary error on my part!