Percussion grid gap


I wish it was possible to specify a grid gap value in percussion kits with finer values than 1, 2, etc.
I’m stuck in a situation where I would need something like 1.3…
Do you think it’s something we might have in the future ?


It’s not impossible, but it’s not something that has a high priority. The reason it’s tricky is that, for practical reasons, the grid is ostensibly a staff with a greater than normal number of lines, and with some of those lines not drawn (to provide appropriate gaps). Changing that would be pretty awkward and would require a good deal of work.

Ok ! thank you, I now understand what it implies.

The main issue is more really the staff name size when the gap is 1.
I’m not really happy with very small font size there.
Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 17.06.15

Increasing the gap to 2 is good for that, but then too much space is used in my page since this is for 12 percussions and I have to reduce staff size.