Percussion: hit and rolls dynamic control


With pitched instruments I use modulation (CC1) to control dynamics of long notes, and use velocity to control dynamics of short notes.

I would like to do the same with unpitched percussions, with velocity controlling hit notes and modulation controlling rolls.

How can this be done? Contrary to an expression map, percussion maps don’t seem to allow the choice of control for dynamics. Also, there is no way to turn dynamic mode in the VI (I use the default CC28, in VSL instruments, to turn VelXF on o off).

In case this can’t be done, is there any hint on how to deal with this issue?


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No, at the moment this can’t easily be done, but it’s something we plan to make possible in future, as samples rolls etc. do sometimes require the use of a controller like modulation to provide dynamics. I guess the only way to handle it at the moment is to manually add the necessary controller data in the automation lanes in Play mode.

Thank you, Daniel. Manual CC data is the workaround I need, while waiting for an automatic solution!


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