Percussion in Noteperformer

I have been trying to set up a new score using NP and the BBCSO Pro template, and mostly, it works brilliantly! Everything changes automatically to the BBCSO sounds in the NPPE except for unpitched percussion. Timpani, xylophone, marimba–everything with pitch–loads as it should. But bass drum, tam-tam, snare and etc. all default to the NP3 sound sets despite the BBCSO sounds being loaded in the NPPE. I have no understanding of how to change these. Can someone give me a clue, please? Thank you.

First thing I did when some Iconica instruments did not show up was to close Dorico and then reopen the program and the file. Then the instruments were present.

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Having the same problem as the OP…

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I figured it out. Open NPPE and hit your keyboard. When you hit the correct note, the instrument in the NP mixer will light up with a white circle. Mine was operating correctly the whole time, but you have to hit the note on the keyboard that corresponds to the instrument. It’s a bit confusing until you see how it works.


There are two things to consider.

  1. Make sure Dorico didn’t map this staff to Drum Set. If you open the NP mixer, it should say “Orchestral percussion”.

  2. Since percussion staves can serve both NP and NPPE instruments at the same time, the white frame around a sound will only appear when you play a sound that’s also in NPPE.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve now also read the manual :sunglasses:

BTW, the NPPE UI contains a Return to home button… a return to Setup/selection would be very handy during testing phases (at least)… possible?

When you’re not in trial mode, a button in the top-right corner says “Add instruments.” It’s a quick way to list only the libraries you own and add instruments from them, without going through the home screen.

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Great! Thanks. I’m out of trial mode very soon…