Percussion instrument names missing from Parts

Hi all,
I’m completely stuck on this one…for some reason the instrument names for the percussion instruments are missing from the Parts (e.g. Percussion 1 comprises of Bass Drum, Anvil, and Snares) - I expected to see them on the stave in the Percussion part but they are only listed on the Full Score…

Please could someone help me out with this one?!

The Dorico file is saved here:


Where are you expecting to see instrument names: above the staff at the start of the flow, at instrument changes, or in staff labels to the left of the initial barline?

If you’re referring to percussion legends, they only appear in the layout they were added to and also only appear when using the five-line staff presentation type.

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for your quick reply! Your third link (staff labels to the left of the initial barline") solved it entirely for me!!

Thanks so much!

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