Percussion instruments names

Hello everyone,
I would like to indicate the nomenclature of the percussion instruments at the beginning of the first system in the score but I can’t find the solution.
Thanks in advance for your help
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The quickest way would be to drag those boxes to your desired position in Engrave mode.


Hi Daniel
in fact moving the box at the right position was my first choice but I would prefer to edit it like we can do in Sibelius and I thought it was possible with Dorico.

Well, @DanielMuzMurray already gave you the link to your preferred solution :wink:

Hello to all
I understand the reason why I can’t display the different instruments; I built a percussion kit with various instruments on the same staff so I don’t have a separate track for each of these instruments, and therefore it’s impossible for me to detail them in their title.
I’ll try to change that and hope that will help me… and hopefully help those who would have the same problem.

If you have them as a 5-line kit in Layout Options like this …

… you can select Grid to have them appear like this …

… or you can simply manually edit the Full Name in Setup to get this:

Hi Fred,
the grid is not the option I want to choice because I have a lot of instruments into the track.
I can also change the name like you did, but I loose the mention “percussion 1” I want to show.

So you want Percussion 1 and all the instruments to show? I’m not really envisioning how you want this. You could edit the Full Name to look something like this:

This is exactly what I want to show but I don’t want the word percussion 1 to be written on top but in front. Well, I guess that your solution is the best If it’s not possible to do like I wish it would be.

It’s a bunch of trial and error with baseline shift settings, but something like this is possible if that’s what you want.


that’s what I did too … but you can see that the space between the separate instruments is not the same because the font size for percussion 1 is bigger. I think that the conductor will not hold it against me :wink:
Thanks for your kind help !
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Another solution would be perhaps to create a new text frame with percussion 1 and re-name into the setup mode the different names of separate instruments like we first did