percussion instruments not sounding

On none of the percussion instruments in the screenshot are the correct instruments sounding. I use middle c (C3) to insert notes, non of the other keys work so I assume that is correct. But there is no sound or the wrong sound. Mostly a bass drum. What am I doing wrong here? I am using NotePerformer and working in Galley view.

Hello, I too am having problems with mark tree it plays a loud pedal tone. Is there a way to edit procussion midi notes sent? (I can’t find anywhere a page with midi note data) or a way to see what note it is actually playing.? Does Dorico Percussion stick to GM Midi Standard? It seems to be a keycap expression issue.
I added instrument for MARK TREE and added a whole not on line. It played some loud -c1 etc note. So i realized it is maybe a problem with me? loading halon sonic se with wrong expression maps? not sure. Anyone else entered procession parts? I know when i print them and go to recording date at TV show they will p[lay it as written perfect. It would be nice for Dorico to play it back correctly though.
I feel your frustration. People here are awesome and they will fix us up.

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PS just notate it correctly and the players will play it down perfect!!!

Not sure what is happening, but after having switched between Noteperformer and Halion a couple of times, and moving the percussion instruments in and out of a kit, they suddenly are sounding. Although sometimes they still give the wrong sound. Feels a little unstable.

I am actually able to get the sounds I want, but I have to find the correct sound first on my midi keyboard, playing it will notate it as well and playing back correctly. So I will have to keep a list next to me to know which midi key contains the correct sound. I thought that every percussion instrument would being triggered by middle C, but that is not the case.

Have you both read this? :

I certainly did not… :blush: :blush: :blush: Will do it now, thanks PianoLeo

I see that this is for percussion kits, which is not the same as a normal single player percussionist. I played around with it, but this isn’t affecting anything when you don’t use percussion kits.

Andre, what I gleaned from the manual is that, regardless of whether you’re using single line instruments or percussion kits, the option “Use staff position” may yield a different result to the option “Use percussion map”. Go to Edit > Preferences > General, scroll down to Percussion Input. Next to “Input onto single-line staves” you’ll find these options. Which is currently selected?

Staff position, and I assigned the C3 which gave midi key number 60:
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 13.52.44.png