Percussion key at beginning of score

Dorico’s layout engine is very powerful, and has great potential.
To include a percussion key at the beginning of a score, I enter it as a specific flow. I filter out this flow from the main Flow chain. Then, I add this flow in a specific music frame added to the score and percussion part.
Problem: I am not able to delete or mask the staff labels.
Something else that would be great: I would like to change the first system indent.

So, I would like to have the option of setting “no instrument staff label” for a specific music frame, or for a specific page in a layout, so that it would NOT follow the layout setting.
Similarly, I would like to do that with the first system indent setting.
Finally, it would be nice to be able to override the “bar number” display for a specific music frame or page in a layout. That is less crucial, since for that, we can use the “0% opacity” workaround.

Thanks for letting me know if there is another possible workarounds.

You can hide the staff labels at the beginning of a flow by inserting a system break at the start of the flow (which will have no visible effect except to show the signpost), then select the signpost and change the staff labels in the Properties panel, where an override to the layout option default for that system is provided.

Thanks for the tip!