Percussion Kit and Pitched Percussion, one player, simultaneously

I’m formatting some works for percussion ensemble, and I am wondering if it’s possible to set up one player to have a kit and a pitched percussion staff labeled as this image (which is the example from Gould p. 288, where I’ve added a player label in blue to show they’re both played by player 4). I have tried searching, but I’m not even sure how to ask my question, so apologies if this has already been covered.

Found a better example of what I’m trying to achieve: player number between staves for that player, with the percussion legends over the staff. One staff will be a percussion kit, the other marimba.

Unfortunately you can’t do cross-staff beaming between a percussion kit and a pitched staff. You can do it between a pitched staff and a single-line percussion instrument, but not a kit with multiple lines.

That is something I really hope will be possible in the near future.
Very common notation.



Is the margin label between the two staves possible? In the particular piece I am formatting the cross-staff beaming isn’t required, but I would like to show the margin label as it is in the 2nd example.

It’s not easily possible, unfortunately, no. If you could have two different staves of different types belonging to the same instrument, it would be easy enough, but sadly at this point Dorico doesn’t allow that.

I can only really think of grim workarounds for this that would prove pretty time-consuming.

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If you only care about the notation, the cross-staff notation is possible if you edit your instruments.xml to have a 1-line non-percussion staff.

Lots of caveats though: I didn’t attempt to set up playback, but it might not be possible. Since one player is holding two instruments that are playing at once, it may cause Condensing issues. The staff label I think isn’t possible either. I just used text here, but that’s obviously a huge pain on a large score, although the new guidelines in D4 will help with alignment with other staff labels.

If it’s important to have this on a deadline, the 1-line non-percussion instrument may make it possible though, at least visually.


How could I create a cross staff triplet under one beam on percussion instrument (see picture)? Even if I untick „Allow instrument changes“ in „Layout options“ it won’t let me move a note from one percussion instrument to another.

Welcome to the forum, Martins. I’m not sure how you can do this, I’m afraid. Is there perhaps another way this could be notated?