Percussion kit notes going on wrong lines on staff


I’m following a Tapspace article that’s teaching me how to make VDL work in Dorico, and the example is using a rack combo. In the picture attached, everything seems to be going on the wrong line on the staff.

If you select one of the instruments and click either of the Move arrows (bottom-right) that should allow you to place them wherever you want.

Does this help? If not, where are you trying to place them? Is there an image you can share?

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These are the spots I want them on, but when I am in write mode, they go all over the place in wrong spots.

To use the number terminology in the percussion kit- the Tom (high) is ending up on 4 which is correct, Tom (medium high) its ending up on -2 which is incorrect, Tom (medium) is ending up on 0 which is correct , Tom (medium-low) is ending up on -4 which is incorrect, Tom (low) is ending up on 2 which is incorrect, Clash Cymbals are ending up on -6 which is incorrect, snare drum is ending up on 6 which is incorrect.

I am looking to have the instruments on the staff like they are on the percussion kit, but they don’t even line up correctly on the music staff in write mode. Attached is a picture of write mode. The notes that are written here sound correctly to all instruments except Tom 2,4, and 5 (they’re still on the wrong line on the staff too).

You are showing a grid view of your score, and the 5-line-staff view of the percussion kit editor…
Layout options >Players >Percussion > show kit as 5-line-staff and your “problem” is solved :wink:


yay this worked, thank you!!!

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