Percussion kit sharing and custom playing techniques

I’m creating a percussion kit where some instruments have a large number (10+) playing techniques.
Many of these playing techniques don’t exist be default in Dorico, but I would like to be able to share this percussion kit with others.

Let’s say I create a new ‘Hand muted’ Playing Technique via the Edit Playing Techniques Dialogue, and assign it to a new Playback Playing Technique via the Edit Playback Playing Techniques dialogue, and I use it on one of the instruments in a Percussion Kit.
I then export that percussion kit and share the .doricolib file with someone.
What happens when they try to import that .doricolib file and they don’t have the ‘Hand muted’ Playing Technique or Playback Playing Technique?

It doesn’t work at the moment as it should, read Paul’s answer here

I’ve created some percussion kits and shared them here. describes the ceavats.

I’m happy to add you to that repo if you want to share there

That’s great info thank you!
What I’m creating is a very fully detailed cuban percussion setup so I’m not sure if you’d want in your repo collection.
That’s a real shame though that it doesn’t work as expected.
I guess for now I’ll have to release only the sample library without the percussion kits! Although I suppose some libraries to allow people with dorico to export MIDI on the notes for these samples would be a step in the right direction

Oh, I don’t consider it “my” repo at all. I hope it grows and people start sharing their configurations. It’s just in the very early age of the hockey stick growth :slight_smile: