Percussion Kit Voice Default - Override

Is there any way to completely disable percussion voice actions? - i.e., the notes/voices functioning exactly as they would if it were a pitched instrument.

I have attached a PNG demonstrating my specific issue. I would like to input a Floor Tom hit (treble clef B) at the highlight 16th note rest. However, it is being placed into a different voice and causing the rhythm to be completely incomprehensible. Clearly I have set the Floor Tom hit to have a downward stem given the following note on the end of beat 3, but for some reason it doesn’t register properly at the highlighted point. And this is only one of what will be many issues due to this function given that this is an arrangement of an earlier work converted from Sibelius.

Basically, I’m asking if there is a way for me to have complete authority over what note is placed in which voice at any given point when working with percussion. For example, there are moments when I want the snare stem to be part of the downward voice and sometimes I would like it to be part of the upward voice depending on how active the various voices are…

Drum Notation Error.png

It’s a pain, particularly when dealing with music that’s imported in, but yes, you can select any percussion kit note, right-click and change the voice from the Percussion submenu. Daniel explains it better than I do:

Much appreciated!

Thanks Daniel, but does it work for tuplets?

  • I have a percussion kit displayed on a 5-line staff, with a group of four woodblocks, I want them to be as one voice.

  • I enter five 16-notes on different woodblocks. It looks perfect.

  • I mark the five and create a quintuplet. They split into different voices and the fifth note is not included in the tuplet.

My settings are: Use single voice, Truncate to shortest duration.
In the percussion kit setup all the woodblocks belong to the same voice.

Is there anything else I can do?

Thanks, Henrik
5 16-notes.png

I found the solution in this tutorial:
You have to start defining the tuplet before entering notes.
It would be nice to have this explained in the manual, page 996, Tuplets