Percussion layouts


I am writing for percussion and have a section where the player alternates between bass drum and bongos. I would like it to appear as 3 lines with bass drum at the bottom and bongos at the top, similar to the way the wood block would appear (see attachment). However, it is presenting it as below which is not what I want, especially because the alternation between the 2 instruments will be very quick and involve sharing tuplets.

Any help?

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.13.39.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.13.45.png

Select the player holding the bongos and bass drum in the Players panel in Setup mode, right-click and choose Combine Instruments into Kit. Then you can go into the Edit Percussion Kit dialog to set up the grid as you want it to appear. Whether the kit appears in the layout using that grid presentation type is controlled by the options in the Percussion section of the Players page of Layout Options.

Thank you, Daniel. The player is also playing other instruments at other times and so this seems to combine everything which I don’t want. So, I created my own kit with the grid and so got the instruments I wanted on 5 lines which kept all my other instruments in tact, but layout was upside down! I said I wanted the bass drum at the bottom and it presented it at the top. If I then changed the layout in the grid, it stayed the same.

You can start by editing the Bongos kit instead, and bring the Bass Drum instrument into the Bongos kit. When you edit the grid, make sure you are looking at the Grid tab in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog.

I’ll try that.

I want bass drum, toms and bongos on the same stave…



Got it! Thanks so much!

Well, I thought I had…

So I know how to combine the insturments I need into a group (kit). However, I did it with the bongos, toms and bass drum and then by removing everything else from the group in question, everything else separated - including the previously unified wood blocks! I then changed the wood blocks and brought them together AND everything else has split again…