Percussion Legend List

I want to create a Percussion List for each percussion player (there are 5) and put it in its own layout. I don’t need the actual legend (5 line staff, etc.) just a list of the instruments involved. Is there a way to pull that from the list of instruments in Setup mode? It’s just annoying to have to type it up.

{@stafflabelsfull@} and {@stafflabelsshort@} will get you the Instrument names in full or abbreviation.

They won’t be vertically stacked like many lists are but it will be automatic…

Upon rereading your post I have a feeling this is not what you meant?

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Yes, this was what I was looking for - though you’re correct in that I would like to make it run vertically. In any event, at least now I can copy from this list as opposed to checking in Setup Mode over and over again. Thank you!