Percussion map changes not saving

I was trying to change a percussion map I created, but for some reason the changes don’t want to save. I created duplicate playback techniques, which I later assigned to a created playing technique.
Then I opened my P.M. and modified the playback tech. for a couple of keys.
Having done this process before, I chose the playback tech (seeing it in the field it’s suppose to show), then I applied it. Afterwards I chose a different key and then went back to the modified one, finding that the playback tech was not changed and saved.
Here’s a screenshot to illustrate :

Anyone had this problem recently?

There are a few problems at the moment with custom or user-defined instruments and percussion maps. Dorico will often fail to match up the selected row in the dialog with the real underlying data in the percussion map, because it’s failing to find the right instrument. This is something that should be considerably more reliable in Dorico 5.1 when it arrives.

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Till 5.1 arrives copy pasting content in the blocked, non saving, non clearing, lines sometimes deblocks them and a least makes them clearable,

As a last resort you can also export the faulty percussion map, edit it in a text editor and import the corrected one. The format is rather intuitive.