Percussion Map for EWQLHW Opus Concert Toms - Best solution

Hi, I’m doing a percussion map for EWQL Hollywood Opus Concert Toms. The patch has four toms of different sizes with 3 hits for each tom. Hit LH, Hit RH and flam.

Should I create 4 single instrument maps for each tom and make a kit on a 5line staff? Or,

Should I make a multiple instrument map and just assign the midi note numbers in the one map for all four toms?

I did notice in Play mode that when I used a kit there was a separate track for each of the drums which I guess means there are a few options here. Be interested to see what people think about this.

Still afraid of percussion mapping but I’ve been gathering posts and hopefully will eventually come to grips with it.

Cheers Simon

I think I’d go the one instance-three instruments route. Building up a percussion map is not really complicated, it only requires some concentration, and some knowledge Daniel Spreadbury has shared here.

I notice at the end of Daniel’s explanation that some of the panel references are references to the older version of the Play mode, so those who reference the article should be aware than the user interface in Play has changed slightly since Daniel wrote his explanation in 2019.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I’m going to go for one map to rule them all!

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