Percussion mapping for Finger snaps

I’m struggling to create a percussion map for Finger snaps. I have a VST that just does finger snaps, and I want to map it to my project. I’ve created a Finger snap instrument (part of a kit, but that shouldn’t make a difference I believe?). When I go to create a percussion map for it, I create an entry for the relevant MIDI note (C2 in this case), but in the “Edit Drum Kit Note” section at the bottom of the Percussion Map dialog, when I click on Instrument, there is no Finger Snap instrument available.
Can I ask a) am I missing something, b) if not, is the lack of a Finger Snap entry in this list an oversight that could be corrected, and c) what would be a sensible workaround?
Thanks in advance!

In the absence of a dedicated finger snap instrument, what you should do is choose another unpitched percussion instrument as a stand-in, one that perhaps you’re otherwise unlikely to use in this project. Remember which one you choose, and add it to your kit, then use that same instrument in your percussion map. Then all you have to do is change the name of the substituted instrument, using the Edit Names button in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, so that it appears as “Finger Snaps” instead of whatever instrument it actually is.

Thank you Daniel - helpful and responsive as ever. You folks really are superb at what you do, you know!