Percussion maps for brush snares

I cannot get Dorico to play a brushed snare. Even if I add the note assignment to a percussion map it will not ever play it. I have tried creating new maps and none of them work. Can anybody help on this?

Welcome to the forum, Nic !
I remember this problem has already been dealt with, let me find the ol’ thread…
Here it is :

FWIW it took me a minute, using the (bad, bad…) search engine :wink:

I was able to map it no problem using Kontakt Abbey Road Vintage Drummer.

What VST are you using? Can you share screenshots of your mappings?

I downloaded the brushes.Dorico file and can see the brush effect working with a different notehead. But it makes no differrence to me what VST I use I can’t get the swish brush effect to work. I input by mouse and computer keyboard and if I use a midi keyboard the brush will play but it will not write. As to how the Brush .Dorico works I haven’t a clue. I can see in the percussion maps the note for this but it just won’t work.

Dear Nic62,
The last Discover Dorico session was about drum notation. You might want to watch it to catch every bit of it :wink:

Hi thanks for that I managed to get it to work . Thats great.