Percussion maps octave shift

Percussion maps question:
When i map the percussion map of an instrument it’s always one octave higher than the instrument manual (say snere roll is on D1, i need to assign it to D2).
In expression maps it’s not the case…
Why is that?
NOTE that it’s not VSTI specific… It happens with every percussion i map regardless of the company that made the instrument (so far i maped some instruments in Berlin percussion, spitfire percussion, rapsody percussion and true strike 1- not all my libraries, its not like i can afford them all LOL) but it’s always the same… the perc. Map is one octave higher then the note in the manuals… Way is that and how can i change it if at all? i have this issue throw all versions of dorico… From 3.5.12 when i started until the current 4.1.10 one

In the Expression Maps dialog, we have a setting that allows you to specify whether middle C (MIDI note 60) is described as C3, C4, or C5, but in the Percussion Maps dialog, I’m afraid, we don’t currently have that choice, so middle C will always be C4 in the Percussion Maps dialog. We should really add the ability to specify the octave for display, and I’ve made a note of that.


Noted!!! Thenks! I thought i did something wrong…