Percussion maps octave shift

Percussion maps question:
When i map the percussion map of an instrument it’s always one octave higher than the instrument manual (say snere roll is on D1, i need to assign it to D2).
In expression maps it’s not the case…
Why is that?
NOTE that it’s not VSTI specific… It happens with every percussion i map regardless of the company that made the instrument (so far i maped some instruments in Berlin percussion, spitfire percussion, rapsody percussion and true strike 1- not all my libraries, its not like i can afford them all LOL) but it’s always the same… the perc. Map is one octave higher then the note in the manuals… Way is that and how can i change it if at all? i have this issue throw all versions of dorico… From 3.5.12 when i started until the current 4.1.10 one

In the Expression Maps dialog, we have a setting that allows you to specify whether middle C (MIDI note 60) is described as C3, C4, or C5, but in the Percussion Maps dialog, I’m afraid, we don’t currently have that choice, so middle C will always be C4 in the Percussion Maps dialog. We should really add the ability to specify the octave for display, and I’ve made a note of that.


Noted!!! Thenks! I thought i did something wrong…

I’d really like this feature! Currently, instrument assignments to Dorico percussion maps import into Cubase displaced by one octave.

As of Dorico 5, the Percussion Maps dialog follows the app-wide setting for middle C convention as defined in the Properties dialog. If you’re working back and forth with Cubase, you might find it helpful to set this to C3 in Dorico, so that everything matches between the two applications. Percussion maps are defined in terms of MIDI note numbers, not combinations of note names and octave numbers in any case.

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