Percussion names & Stave

Hi I have a 3-line percussion Kit, set to “Grid”. Is it possible the have the name in the margin to:

Toms 2


3 Toms

I see about grouping the three.

Also, When they finish playing, I’d like for that 3 line stave to go to the end of the system, even if the player is going to go to another instrument later. Possible?


You cannot directly influence where the instrument change will take place, no. With percussion kits, it’s not really practical to force the instrument change to happen in a particular position; for a pitched instrument you could add a note in an unused voice in the bar before the point at which you want the new instrument to appear, but you can’t do that in the same way for percussion.

As for the naming, you can’t show both a group name and the instrument name, so a single group name of “3 Toms” is the best you can do.

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Many thanks Daniel !