percussion not visible when added to full score

win 10
brought music xml file into into dorico pro 2 from sibelius. had to edit tpts , clarinets, to be in right key and shows up on the full score correctly.want to add a percussion player and added a cymbal to it to the full score. It shows up on the players list (checked) but does not show up on the full score page. not sure why it does not show up.

A) is the Player enabled in the correct Flow and correct Layout?
B) Check Layout Options for whether you’ve got Hide Empty Staves set in your score layout.

did get it to work but not really sure how. strange things were happening. piano part not called for came over with music xml transfer to dorico. It was at the top and showed in score. tried to move it down (still in full score layout) to better position in the score (was enabled in all cases) but when moved it would not show. did manage to highlight errant perc part that came with the transfer and delete it and it did get rid of it. was able to add a workable percussion part (but not sure at what point through this journey it showed up). did go to layout options but not sure where the hide empty staves choice is. I was in the layout options for the full score but did not this choice there.

alls well that ends well (I guess even by accident). I have the ensemble with a workable new percussion part and the piano part in the right place that I am keeping and adding to the edit. Karma.