Percussion notation - is this possible?

Is this possible in Dorico Pro 3?

I’m wishing to create a single line percussion staff with SD and High-hat combined… and am stumped. I’m thinking DP3 isn’t there yet…
SD and HH.jpeg
Any ideas?


No, you can’t notate two different instruments on the same single-line instrument. You can produce that notation by making those two different playing techniques belonging to the same instrument, but you won’t be able to easily produce the desired playback.

I’m wishing for something like this for conga notation. Would be nice if that could be implemented.

The key to this, I would think, would be the ability to apply the five-line kit notation to a one-line staff. As adjusting the number of lines per staff become possible (and I think this is anticipated some time in the future) perhaps this will apply to the kit staff as well. Were one to be able to reduce the number of staff lines to zero, this would also make lyric-and-chord sheets possible too.

I have been attempting the “playing techniques” suggestion, but am unable to create two “notes” in the same rhythmic position, i.e. the first note of my example in my original post. What am I missing?

Is it maybe that Dorico doesn’t let two different playing techniques on the same rhythmic position?

Regarding playback - many users don’t need/use the playback features, needing only the engraving options… but I accept that many do and would complain pretty loudly if something didn’t play back “correctly”.

You can do it, though it would probably be easiest from a MIDI keyboard. Without a MIDI keyboard you have to do it in a daft way, e.g. adding the playing technique above the line at one rhythmic position, then adding the one below the line at the next rhythmic position, then with chord mode switched on, you use Alt+left or Alt+right to move one of the notes so that it is at the same rhythmic position with the other one. Fortunately once you’ve done it once you can use copy and paste to reproduce it more easily on demand.

Perhaps easiest would be to add a new percussion variant, something like “3 space staff” that would support kits like a 5 line staff, but only have 3 slots (the line, and the space above and below)

Daniel - thanks for your “daft” solution - it worked perfectly!

I have created a source file with different rhythmic combinations to copy/paste for future projects requiring a similar Snare/HH single line.

One thing that took some thinking, was stem/beam height leveling - the beam on a stacked note (both playing techniques together) had a higher beam line (longer stems) - so I had to adjust the beams in the measure to the same height vertically - then it looked exactly as needed. It was great to discover that beam/stem height properties are included in copying/pasting along with the notes.

As TylerE indicated above - being able to toggle on/off the visibility of individual staff lines in a 5-line percussion kit would make this type of thing (and therefore almost all contemporary marching band notation practices utilizing less than a 5 line staff) possible with full playback support.

Also - are there any plans for a Dorico clinic at the Mid-West International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago again this year?

I expect our colleagues from Yamaha in the US will be at the Chicago Mid-West Clinic as usual this year, but only if they have managed to get a clinic onto the conference programme. I’m not sure whether the programme has been published yet.