Percussion notation issue

I have composed a song in cubase 11 and imported it as XML file to dorico 4.
in that song i have a conga player which i want to give the melody line in d minor to follow the singer and some hints over the line like rests and stops, so now dorico when importing it is showing me the melody line as one single note, how do i tell dorico the revert the sheet to the right imported song notes note percussion notes, and this is a screenshot to illustrate more

Ok Issue solved,
i had to go back to cubase and change the instrument name, like congas to conk
and export it as XML, then open it separately in dorico and export it as Flow,
then in my score i imported the new flow , so now i have two flow. you have to include this player in flow 1, you will see that the player will start playing from the end of flow 1 , as flow two, i copied the notes in flow 2 then cut, then paste to the first rest in bar 1 of flow 1 , then the flow2 is now empty, simply delete it
et voila,

Hi Hani,

I don’t follow exactly what you want, but to me it sounds like all you needed to do was to include the “vocals” player in your “congas” layout. You can do this in the setup screen by clicking on the part layout (“congas”) on the right and then clicking the tick box next to the player (“vocals”) to include it.

What you described sounds like a very round about way of doing it!

Very best

Hi Eddy.
i will explain my issue,
in our region here our percussion players can read both Percussion notation and lets call it normal melody music sheet.
they prefer reading a normal music sheet like melody sheet instead of the percussion one , like this they can follow the singer wherever. i have written and congas part in cubase and exported it to dorico. Dorico when importing it read it as one single note on 5 staffs. i couldn’t let dorico translate it into a normal melody line, that was my issue, i will try your solution to see

Perhaps you could attach a small scan of the kind of layout you want.

thank you Derrek
ok here is a screen shot of what my conga chart looks like in cubase session

Just the vocal melody and cues for the player to follow
this is what it looks like when imported in dorico with XML

i got this by default, so i had to change the player name in Cubase from Congas to Conk to fool dorico because i couldn’t find a way to change this single not and revert it to my desired music note
thanks you

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So am I correct that the cue notes (in example 1) are the Conga part and the notes below are the vocal line?

I would probably use a duplicate of the vocal staff with the voice in “Downstem Voice 1” and put the Conga in Upstem Voice 1, cue sized, with Playback suppressed. If I needed the Playback as well, I would use a separate conga staff for that. But then, you have Cubase for the playback, I suppose.

Yes, that is a work-around, but your requirements for the part may be individual enough that it would not be something developers would tackle soon.

Demanding me !! HaHa
Thanks Derrek for the rescue