Percussion notation voice splitting without extra rests

Howdy Dorico,

I’m writing a solo snare drum work that involves sometimes hitting on a rim. I want that rim part to be separated into a separate voice, like one would do with a hi-hat on drum set.

I know I can achieve this by assigning a ‘stem up’ or ‘stem down’ voice in a percussion kit resulting in measure 23 of the top example in the below screenshot. However, this has the side effect of any measure that does not employ the rim part voice has a whole note rest (like you can see in mm. 17-20).

If I put all of this into the same “stem direction” voice, I get a better result for those surrounding measures, but measure 23 then does not have the notational look that I want (the bottom example of the screenshot).

I’m sure that there’s ways to deal with this on measure-to-measure basis, but i’m looking for either a global solution for notating measure 23 like the top but all other measures like the bottom. Is this possible, and if not, is there a way to achieve measure 23 example 2 without splitting the percussion kit into a “stem up” and “stem down” voice? Trying to add a voice with Shift-V for percussion does not seem to work the same way as non-percussion instruments.


Look at the voice padding options under Notation Options > Percussion.

either this isn’t functioning as intended or there’s something about it i don’t understand.

The whole rests are between the first instance of that voice and a second instance of that voice. That voice continues from the first note it contains to the last note it contains including any empty bars in between.

If you select one or more of those whole bar rests and go Edit > Remove Rests, does that get rid of them? I’m 99% sure this has improved in Dorico 4…

that did indeed work. still a little cumbersome as I have to take the time to select and remove them whereas I’d rather the program have some sort of global setting to account for this, but it definitely could be worse, so no real complaints.

In that case you may find that selecting the last note before the rests and turning on its “Ends Voice” property works, and/or selecting the first note after the rests and turning on its “Starts Voice” property. Depending on how many rests there are in between (and whether Select More works for whole rests in a sole percussion voice works) you may find this to be fewer clicks.


Also if you want to hide all the rests you see in a passage, just select the bars. Remove Rests works only on the rests.

…but note that it’ll affect all selected rests, not just the whole measure rests, so filter accordingly first.

awesome. thanks all. :slight_smile:

I also think this option is misleading. As of now, there is no global option to set to avoid having bar rests in percussion staves. Or am I missing something?

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