Percussion notation

How do you make a 5-line percussion staff that looks like the image below, where the base drum and snare drum doesn’t interact with each-other? I can make a 5-line staff by taking the drumset and editing the kit, but then it makes it so that each note is connected to eachother, and makes the music written weirdly.

Hi, maybe it has to do with this setting. Go to "Library/Notation Options/Percussion
Maybe you have selectet “Use single voice”. Try “Use voicing defined in kit editor”. I hope it helps.

I already have that activated. It doesn’t work that way.

I would create a percussion kit, add all needed instruments to it, and edit it to get all instruments to the staves you want.
Then, in Notation Options, you need to set the percussion to show as a 5-line staff.
This should work well enough, I think.

I have already done that. I can make a percussion kit but the problem is that different instrument attach to eachother instead of making them seperate

Within the Percussion Kit Editor, each instrument has a voice number and stem direction. This is easily overlooked or misunderstood, particularly if you’ve come from other software where voices 1 and 3 = stems up and voices 2 and 4 = stems down.
In Dorico voice 1 upstem is a completely different voice to voice 1 downstem. Make sure that each instrument in the kit editor has the right stem direction.

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Thank you! That worked just how I wanted it to!