Percussion pictograms

Hello Dorico users
I know that percussion pictograms exist, since I can see them here
and here
But I can’t find anything at all on a user-friendly way to insert them in my score. Dorico online help returns nothing for pictogram. And a search of the forum isn’t much better.
Is there no way to see and insert the percussion pictograms in Dorico without reference to the smufl codes?

No, there’s no built-in feature for percussion pictograms at the moment. Probably the easiest way to add them is using custom playing techniques designed via Engrave > Playing Techniques.

There are fonts that offer percussion (beater) symbols; so I expect there are others that would have additional symbols useful for percussion.

Bravura includes all the percussion pictograms and beaters you could ever possibly want.

Thanks to Daniel
So I went to Engrave > Playing Techniques. But I’m afraid I’m not seeing anywhere to insert the unicode symbol.
Let’s say I want to insert U+E6A0, what do I do next?
Another related question…When is this facility likely to appear in Dorico?

Not Engrave. It’s in the Playing Technique Editor.

Dan. Try clicking Engrave > Playing Techniques…

David, if you’re putting glyphs into Playing Techniques you don’t need the glyph number at all. Just go to the Playing Techniques Editor, add a new Playing Technique (from the bottom of the left panel), set General Type to “Glyph”, then click the pencil above to edit it. You’ll find the list of glyphs in the right hand side of the dialog that appears, categorised.

Hello Leo,
Wow. OK. Took some head-scratching, but I’ve done it.
Process safely noted for the future.
Many thanks indeed.