Percussion playback with NotePerformer (Custom percussion kit)


I’m unable to fully map each instrument of a custom percussion kit to the right NotePerformer instrument. I only get two different woodblock pitch an nothing right for the conga and the bongo. I don’t know how I could manually do some changes. I tried also to use the same settings with Halion 7 but it seems the same instruments are missing too (I think they are not part of the basic bundle).

I would be very grateful is somebody could have a look to the Dorico file.



Percussion Mapping.dorico (960.1 KB)

I have another issue, I redesigned the initial percussion kit I’ve created and since then, the third tom has its own individual voice, which create some problems, as you can see there.

I there a way to fix that?

Percussion Mapping.dorico (978.4 KB)